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Accounts Branch deals all the financial matters like:

  • Preparation of Employees monthly salaries.
  • Maintenance of GP Fund, Benevolent Fund and Group Insurance record in the updated form.
  • Processing of cases regarding payment of loans / advances.
  • Recovery of loans / advances.
  • Preparation of monthly Pensions/ pensioner emoluments.
  • Correspondence / Communication with bank and checking / verification of bank reconciliation statements.
  • Vetting the payments claimed by different Firms / Contractors against the works executed on the direction of the Board and processing thereof.
  • Process the cases of financial assistance to the employees for different purpose.
  • Maintenance of multiple ledgers and cash books
  • Preparation of Cheques on account of CEO and payment advices
  • Scrutiny / Maintenance of Vouchers, Demand Drafts etc.

1. All Cash Coming into Account Fund is Called Revenue, and cash Going out is Called Expenditure
2. Accountant is the Custodian of Cantt Fund
3. The Account Branch is to kept Separate From All other Branches of the Cantonment and the Accountant shall not Be entrusted with any other duty except Accounts.

Function of Accounts Branch

To observe the financial and Accounts procedure regarding the Cantonment Fund and keeping and rendering accounts of all transactions and the relevant documents according to The Pakistan Cantonments Account Code 1955.
The main functions are as under:-
• To maintain the books of Accounts & Ledgers.
• To prepare Budget Estimates of Receipts and Expenditure for a financial Year.
• To prepare Annual Accounts (Consolidated Financial Accounts) showing receipt pain into and Payments made from Cantonment Fund.
• To Get the Accounts Audited annually.
• Preparation and Submission of Monthly Accounts to the Board.
• Vigilance on strict Financial discipline
• Maintenance of Cantonment Fund, Security Fund, General Provident Fund, Pension Fund, Benevolent Fund & Group Insurance of Cantonment staff.
• Observing the limits of each head of the Budget.

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